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.: Culture and folklore / Culture institutions
Jan Więzik Municipal Center of Culture, Promotion and Information

Fot. Krzysztof Wolicki

ul. Myśliwska 34
43 - 370 Szczyrk
City Hall in room 12 - ground floor
Phone/Fax: 033-81-78-636

Phone 0606-859-329

CHIEF ACCOUNTANT - Weronika Szczotka

LIBRARIAN - Zofia Górna

MOKPI INSTRUCTOR - Mateusz Kurowski
Phone 696 498 782


- objectives in the field of culture:

    • recognize, inspire and satisfy cultural needs and interests
    • cultural education and aesthetic education through art
    • create conditions for the development of amateur art movement
    • organize active participation of Szczyrk inhabitants and guests in cultural life in various forms of cultural, educational and entertainment activities
    • cooperate with social and cultural, sport organisations, associations and other units from Poland and abroad
    • coordinate cultural, educational and leisure events

- objectives with regard to protection of the national heritage

    • gather and collect objects, documents related to the history of the district and Poland
    • sustain local and national traditions
    • create conditions for sustaining folk traditions and developing art and folk handicraft
    • create an information bank based on the said activities

- promotional objectives:

    • run the whole of matters with regard to city promotion in Poland and abroad
    • organize and conduct promotional activities
    • gather and prepare information for computer-based town information system
    • maintain contacts with mass media groups
    • participate in promotional events, taking place outside the area of the town

- objectives with regard to information

    • edit, issue and distribute an information monthly of the Town Council
    • organize and coordinate activities of the town tourist information
    • issue guides and other printed materials
    • cooperate with organisations and associations in the field of tourist information development

- general objectives:

    • safeguard office facilities and personnel for the conducted tasks
    • prepare materials, reports and studies as needed by the Town Council
    • perform any objectives, resulting from resolutions of the Town Council
    • conduct the whole of matters related to the administration of culture objects, within the responsibility of MOKPiI organizational departments
    • prepare material and financial plans
    • take permanent business initiatives, designed to obtain funds for culture and promotion of the town and earn own income; MOKPiI may, on the terms provided for in separate regulations:
    • organize concerts, performances, recitals, exhibitions, lectures, book rental services
    • conduct art promotion activities
    • conduct training and methodical activities
    • conduct publishing activities
    • provide printing, photography, phonographic, film, fine art services, publicize events and other services with regard to culture and promotion
    • run music group meetings
    • run costume, prop, music instrument, technical equipment rental service
    • perform contracted events
    • provide services with regard to culture promotion and dissemination
    • run commercial, gastronomic business operations Culture institutions


 ul. Beskidzka 41
  Tel. +48 33/8158388

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