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Worth seeing:

  • St. Jacob's parish church - 200-year-old monument with a baroque pulpit
  • St. Mary's Church "On The Hill" with healing fountain
  • Brick chapels from the years: 1829, 1830
  • Roadside Stony statues from the first half of the 19th century
  • Wooden missionary cross from 1730
  • Many regional cabins, as old as from the 19th century
  • Old sheds on meadows and clearings of the Klimczok peak, Beskid and Skrzyczne peak
  • Evangelical Parish in Szczyrk - Salmopol
  • Historic White Cross on the Salmopolska Pass
  • "Under the White Cross" Inn in a highland cabin with a hammered cave
  • "Old Inn" Restaurant, a part of which has been moved from an old building after demolition
  • "Meta" restaurant built in the Alpine architecture
  • Many new individual buildings with interesting architectonic solutions, shingle-roofed
  • Malinowskie Rocks at the red trail, leading from the Skrzyczne peak.
  • Klimczok Cave under the peak of Trzy Kopce
  • Ruins of the "Ferris Wheel" over Jaworzyna
  • "Ice" cave close to Beskid Węgierski
  • Old lindens at St. Jacob's church where criminals were tied up as punishment
  • Beskid Art Gallery


 ul. Beskidzka 41
  Tel. +48 33/8158388

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