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His profession is turner - milling machine operator. Now he runs an agricultural and animal farm. He lives high, in the Zapalenica settlement. He started sculpting when he was 17 years old (mainly while shepherding). First, he made pictures from straws and sculptures of shepherds, sheep, musicians as well as bas-reliefs from birch wood, and later from linden wood. For years he has exhibited his works during the Beskid Culture Week. In recent years he has often made souvenirs for groups performing on the stage in Szczyrk to the order of the Week's organizers. His works are well-known in Poland, and often also reach other countries of Europe as well as the other side of the ocean.


He graduated from a technical high school (technician - mechanic), but has been doing professional sculpting for years. His wife helps him in this craft, her profession is geologist - she teaches math at school. He started sculpting as early as in the primary school. When his older colleagues brought their first works to school - statues for Christmas - Józek did not want to be worse. He made sculptures that everybody liked very much. Well, and everything started. Later he devoted every free moment to working with his chisel. He peeped at different masters, perfected his technique. For over 30 years he has already been sculpting genre scenes, musicians, bas-reliefs about folk and sacral matters, he also makes daily use items in the art shape. His works can be purchased in Szczyrk, Bielsko, Zakopane and in Krakow's clothhall.


He was born on 1st November 1949 in Godziszce. After graduating from the primary school he attended the Professional School of Commerce in Bielsko - Biała which he finished in 1966. He sells souvenirs in Szczyrk. He uses his chisel and pocketknife to sculpt single statues: robbers, highlanders, genre scenes, Christmas scenes and holy images. His passion began with initials made on mountain axe-like staffs. Later he sketched caricatures and then transferred them onto bark and wood. Finally peeping at various sculptors - including his colleagues from Szczyrk - he started to create according to his own ideas. He "passed on" his creation in wood to his uncle - Józef Wandzia from Stara Godziszka, who as a house painter also started sculpting with quite a good effect.

In recent years Staszek has often taken part in exhibitions of folk artists organized during the Beskid Culture Week in Szczyrk. A few times he has also made regional souvenirs for groups performing on the "Skalite" stage. One may meet him there always during the Beskid holiday and buy a sculpture of his authorship. He also sells them in his own souvenir kiosk, at the road exit to Biła. His works arouse interest both in Poland and abroad.


She is a well-known, not only in Szczyrk, embroiderer and Beskid folk lover. She was born more than sixty years ago. Already as a child she was interested in folk art. Being 6 years old she would peep at her aunt Agnieszka Kruczek embroider tapestries. On the other hand, her grandmother Kruczkowa commonly known as "Byrdula" (as she originated from the Byrdys family) taught her Szczyrk songs, folk songs and tales about old times. Aunt Neska, when grazing cows, was the first to show her how to embroider. This is how everything started. When she went to the primary school she perfected her skills under the eye of teacher Ms. Partyczanka. As a young girl she embroidered throw pillows, tapestries for the kitchen, table clothes. Initially in one colour, because that was a common practice at that time as no colourful threads were available in the country. Later however, her works were more and more coloured, and embroidery became her great passion. Together with Maria Niklowa who, taught embroidery and lace making for years in the nuns cloister in Żywiec, they organized their first embroidery courses for ladies in Szczyrk. Later she already conducted them on their own. From her inspiration these ladies began to embroider: Krysia Fronczek, Dorota Wieczorek (Barcik), Irena Więzik (Porębska) and others. Embroidery has become a trendy activity in Szczyrk.


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