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.: Town of Szczyrk / Robbing

Numerous gangs prowled in Szczyrk areas, outlawed by then rulers of these lands. These were the so-called Robbers. They lived on robbery and assaults on rich farmers, lords and convoys. The took cover in forest backwoods, concealed their loots in caves or buried underground. They were unwelcome guests of inns where they often spent robbed money, but later would start fights and vandalize taverns. Captured by the military, they would die on gallows and in torture. The gang leader would be haltered by the rib.

Ondraszek and Klimczok were such robbers in Szczyrk. In the tradition they have been remembered as those who protected the people against excess oppression from the lords. Today regional bands from Szczyrk present very spectacular Highland Robbers' Dances with axe-like staves.


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